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About us

Cells4health is a company which is passionate about the huge potential of adult stem cells and therefore

  • Provides therapeutic application of autologous adult stem cells to patients at the highest medical standard
  • Offers a natural Anti-Aging treatment from your own bone marrow and fat stem cells for soft cosmetic remodelling
  • Preserves stem cells for those with vision from cord blood, bone marrow  and fat tissue as a preventive measure

Since 2005, thousands of patients have been treated using our patented method in various clinics around the globe.

Stem Cell Treatments

Cells4health treats patients with their own autologous adult stem cells from bone marrow or fat tissue. Our affiliated labs are fully accredited in the EU and authorised by the health authorities in accordance with cGMP standards.

Therapy focuses on stem cell treatment of   diabetes mellitus (types 1 and 2) and neurological diseases/disorders such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s,  stroke,  multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Alzheimer’s. Further indications include arthritis, heart disease, and eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

The Cells4health Management Team

kleinbloesemCornelis Kleinbloesem Ph.D  is the founder of Cells4health.  After graduation in Life Sciences and doctorate (cum laude) in clinical pharmacology at Leiden university in The Netherlands  he spent many years at the clinical research departments of different pharmaceutical companies and CROs in Germany and Switzerland. He recognized that regenerative medicine on the basis of autologous cells might be an important direction in the medical treatment of many diseases in the future. For this reason he founded Cells4health in 2004, starting with collection and storage of cells from umbilical cord and bone marrow. In 2005 the first patient with stroke was successfully treated in Ankara, Turkey with a patented cell processing method enabling small volumes to be injected in the central nervous system directly.  This success story had resulted in the treatment of thousands of patients around the globe. The daily interaction with the patients and thereby observing their clinical improvements and their enhanced quality of life is the main drive  to advocate adult  stem cell therapy and make this therapy available on a global scale.

kolkMargriet van der Kolk is the cofounder of Cells4health. After graduation in social sciences she worked as a counselor for several years. After a break for raising her children she is now  responsible for the patient advisors team, the patient information and all logistical aspects involved with the therapy, as well as the patient after care. Also she became very passionate about stem cell therapy after seeing what type of improvements can be obtained in the majority of the patients treated.

mehtaRishabh Mehta (Co-Director, Cells4health) has over 9 years of Global business experience across Industry sectors namely: Innovation & Technology – Medical, Mobile, Aviation, Defence and Security, International Trade and other related areas. After having lived in different countries and continents for almost a decade, Rishabh is now based out of New Delhi, India.

In addition to a Masters degree in Commerce (M.Com) from Delhi University, Rishabh has a MBA in International business from the prestigious Ecole Nationale des Ponts Et Chaussées, Paris. He has been actively involved in equity development, acquisition, turn around management and integration of consumer brands and industrial companies.

He has also been instrumental in getting several large European companies into India and his expertise lies in International management, handling start-ups of SMEs and helping corporations enter the Indian market. Intelligent, energetic and a technology oriented person, Rishabh is continuously looking at introducing new and innovative technologies in India.

Rishabh also serves on the Advisory panel for several companies (Indian & International) besides being the promoter for Sector 6 Group ( With his extensive knowledge and connections in both European & Indian industry, Rishabh is well positioned to make Cells4health (C4H) a big success.

He is fluent in Hindi, English, and French and has a good working knowledge of Japanese.