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Diabetes mellitus Treatment ResultsTypes of diabetes

131 patients were evaluated. Diabetes type I patients (N=23 / left bar) reported more stable blood glucose (35,3%) and less hypoglycemia (36,7%). Diabetes type II patients (N=33 / right bar) also reported more stable blood glucose (51,0%) and less neuropathic symptoms, such as less numbness (42,4%) and more feeling in the legs (44,1%).

In the group that send their post treatment period laboratory results (N=71) the HbA1c values decreased after different follow up periods in both type I and type II diabetes patients. In type I patients (N=28), the highest decrease of HbA1c value was seen between 3 and 6 months after treatment, which corresponds with the first 3 months after treatment. The highest decrease of the HbA1c value in type 2 patients (N=43) was seen 6 months and beyond after treatment, which suggests a longer lasting effect of stem cell treatment. Furthermore, 38 patients reported a decrease in medication, with more than 60% reduction in DM type II patients (N=23) and 30% reduction in DM type I patients (N=15).