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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment ResultsSynapse in human neural system

A total number of 50 patients (14 men and 36 women) with MS were treated and evaluated.

The mean age of patients prior to treatment was almost 48 years. Mean time between treatment and follow-up questioning was around 5 months.

Improvements were reported in 25 patients. Eighteen patients had no change in condition and a natural disease progression was observed in seven patients.

Most patients reported improvements in muscle strength (68.8%), spasticity of the limbs (78.9%) and better coordination of the limbs (55.6%).

The ability to stand alone and walk better without help was reported in respectively 50% and 25% of the patients with improvements.

Improved vision acuity was reported in 57.1% of the patients with improvements. Enhanced bladder and bowel control was reported in respectively 47.1% and 28.6% of patients.